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Kitchen Frontiers – Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchens, built-in cupboards and bathroom units.

Kitchen Frontiers – A Decade of Experience

Kitchen Frontiers – Complete design including installation.

Our reputation is a leading expert in bespoke kitchen design. As such cupboard installation was not built overnight. It was forged over more than a decade! In which versatile skills, experience and an intuition for style were honed and synergism applied. Not only is the end product always reflected. Our credibility and quality craftsmanship; our commitment to company-customer relationship throughout the design and building process has equally taken center stage. Kitchen Frontiers believes in honest and open communication, with the client throughout the project. Typically we always go the extra mile, to add just the right finishing touches. The end result: a glorious reputation synonymous with trust, reliability and complete customer satisfaction.

We provide Expert Craftsmanship

Through our years of experience in Pretoria, our Kitchen Frontiers team of artisans has mastered a variety of construction and installation techniques. Supreme workmanship can be evidenced through an array of styles, finishes and colors across our company portfolio. Whether it is a country kitchen design you seek, or whether it’s the latest trends reflected in your bedroom and bathroom built-in cupboards and vanity units, we are committed to bringing your vision to life.

“A cut above in their craft, Kitchen Frontiers has you covered.”

Versatility is Key

Understanding that one size does not fit all, Kitchen Frontiers will match personality with style, lifestyle with fluid functionality. In each home project. Our versatility and expertise in the kitchenette trade allows the client to choose from a vast array of styles, mediums and materials when designing the ideal kitchen. With built-in cupboards and bathroom vanity units! Kitchen Frontiers process and install stone tops, such as marble, granite and Caesar. Equally enjoy the smooth finishes that a traditional wooden top has to offer. Whether you are in the market for a contemporary, modern kitchen design, or whether you wish to capture a taste of Tuscany in your bedroom built-in cupboards, our skilled staff can facilitate your vision.

Affordability is top line

At Kitchen Frontiers excellence is an uncompromising virtue encompassed by quality. We do our utmost to achieve your ideal space within the perimeters of the budget. Our knowledge and expertise in the kitchen and built-in cupboard design industry of Pretoria and George are harnessed throughout the initial design consultation stages, so that you can make informed decisions around your design and purchasing. Walking alongside the client, we believe that style and vision can be attained without blowing the bank.