Novalenz Electrical Installation Specialists

Trust, Reliability, Availability, Quality, Customer Focus & Cost Efficiency are our Main Focus Areas in our Business Model.

Novalenz is an electrical and solar supplier, installation and maintenance company based in the Garden Route area.

Novalenz is not focused on a specific target group but rather on each individual or company’s need. We are driven by a passion for energy, new innovative ideas to improve and implement existing electrical and solar infrastructures.

 “Trust, reliability, availability, quality, customer focus and cost efficiency are our main focus areas in our business model. Each task is completed according to set specifications, legislation and governance in a safe and professional manner.”

​Our Experience

Novalenz consist of a team with experience, knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sector.

Our Services

Alternative Energy – Book your Consultation 

In today’s day and age we have so little control over factors which have an impact on our livelihood.  The instability of the national electricity grid and the price there off are one the most frustrating issues that we face in South Africa.  Power outages have a negative impact on our security, life expectancy of electrical appliances, income and daily activities.

​The only way to have some sort of control over this matter is to invest in a reliable Battery Backup system or Solar Power system.

​Although most of us have heard about a backup or solar system and the demand for these systems are increasing in South Africa and around the globe it is still uncharted grounds for most of us.  Novalenz insists on a consultation session before quotations are compiled and submitted so that the client’s need can be established, and important information is highlighted to assist the client in making an informed decision when investing in a system.

Electrical – Book your Consultation

(Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sector)

We provide and perform the following:

New development wiring New Installations 
Existing building Maintenance Certificate of Compliance
Electrical consultation servicesMaintenance contract packages
Repairs and rewiringFault finding
DB upgradesElectrical compliance Inspections
Intercom-communicationLED Lighting Solutions
Electrical Call outs 24 HoursSubstation Maintenance 
 PLC and variable drive system design and maintenance 
Agricultural and irrigation submersible solutions 
Supply and Installation of industrial tracing (Fluxo)

Our references 

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