SJ Louw Electrical


SJ Louw Electrical Services CC t/a Louw Electrical Services have been operating since 2004. Stephan Louw has 21 years’ experience already in the Electrical industry field and have started the business. Our core focus is on great Industrial Automation. We have also expanded into new home and estate automation.

What does Louw Electrical Offer ?

Currently we do have distribution rights to LS Industrial Products; PLC HMI, VFD, VSD, CB’s. These mainly focus on Industrial Automation. However we also offer a wide ride of products for installation in Domestic Applications. Certificates of Compliance on Industrial and Domestic Installations.

Our Purpose

Accomplish excellence in all our work. We believe that one should take pride in the product.

Our Vision

Our vision is extremely clear! We want to be the best at what we do. No job is to big or to small. A satisfied customer is happy customer, a will always be a repeat customer.

Our Values

Outstanding excellent workmanship equates to quality craftsmanship.

Our clientele

Currently is a mid-range audience. SJ Louw Electrical serves both sides of the Spectrum of Industrial and domestic. Performing installations and providing maintenance to estates like OubaaiBreakwater Bay (The Brinks)FancourtHomewood, Kerriwood Hill, Blue MountainKraaiboschGarden Route Wilderness EstateMount FleurLe Grand etc.

Dome of our current our current industrial clients include: Much AsphaltVirgin Active, Country Style, Lancewood, Mobicast, George Bricks and have done cross border installation; mostly Namibia (Swakopmund, Windhoek and Walvisbay).