Eden Waterproofing Solutions


Eden Waterproofing Solutions

Correct waterproofing plays a crucial role in protecting the life of your building and, to this end, there is no alternative to quality products, efficient workmanship and a contractor you can trust. Eden Waterproofing Solutions, with our highly skilled workmanship and proven, top of the range products, will fulfilled all those needs We also issue a ten year guarantee on a complete waterproofed roof. Eden Waterproofing Specialists still has the same street address, telephone number, mail address and owner Contact Us

Metal Roofs

Eden Waterproofing Solutions is one of the leading waterproofing companies in South Africa and cover the entire length and breadth of the Garden Route. We will first remove rust, apply anti-corrosive metal primers, secure or replace roof screws and then rivet overlaps. Then we will seal the roof with an Acrylic Waterproofing System that incorporates an Adhesion Coat, Polyester Membrane, Saturation Coat and Top Coat. Finally, the complete roof is painted with Super Acrylic roof paint or Bituminous Aluminium paint for protection.

Concrete Roofs

Eden Waterproofing Solutions will assess the existing system and decide whether to remove, rejuvenate or re-waterproof . We will either ‘Torch on’ or apply a Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion Waterproofing System reinforced with polyester membrane. All waterproofing is painted over in a silver colour for added protection.

Tiled Roofs

Attention will be given to roof structure, damaged tiles, ridges, valleys, hips and all other detail as well as painting. Time proven methods will be used for the successful solution.

Sub-Soil Drainage

Sub-Soil Drainage is used very successfully to drain water out of basements or rooms below ground level and divert the flow away from buildings. We also waterproof submerged areas.

Our Suppliers

Eden Waterproofing Solutions suppliers supply us with top of the range products which are guaranteed from their side to us for up to ten years and most are used all over the world. We have access to the best technical service and advisors in the country to solve complex problems, due to our involvement on the production side and as a consumer of waterproofing products.


Our production teams are able to solve all roofing problems on:

  • Installation of Guttering
  • Metal Roofs (IBR and Corrugated etc)
  • Tiled Roofs
  • Concrete Roofs
  • Rising Damp & Waterproofing of Basements
  • With proven products and highly skilled workmanship
  • Guarantees are also issued on every complete roof we waterproof.
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