Laingsburg Drilling Contractors

We are Laingsburg Drilling

We have more than 42 years of borehole, exploration & geological drilling experience. Pump & water including tank installation. 

Currently we also advise and install pressure system installation & servicing of pump systems supply & installation. 

Our expert team, is currently in possession of equipment for large, medium and current small project sectors. 

Currently our team can provide you with a complete turn key solution for all your water transfer requirements and drilling solutions no matter which area you are.

Current service offering

DTH Drilling 5”/5 ½”/6 ½”/ 8”/ 10”/ 12”/ & 15”.

ODEX Drilling 8”& 10”

Cleaning & Rehabilitation of existing Holes.

Installation of PVC Lining 125mm – 200mm.

PVC Screen Cutting 0.3mm – 1.0mm.

Gravel & Filter Packing for Screen & Rock Holes.

Pump, Motors, Pump Control Systems & Tanks/Dams (Supply).

Pump recovery, Repairs & New Installations.

Design & Auditing of Irrigation Systems.(On Request)

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